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July 2008... Griffin is over 3.5 years old now, and never stops talking, running and playing. No more diapers (Thankfully!), he is about 40" tall and weighs about 40 lbs last time I checked, but that is probably already outdated. He loves his little brother so hard that he hurts him a little sometimes. You may have noticed this page isn't updated anymore... the kid is growing too fast now, and we just can't keep up with the web updates, too. Feel free to browse the old stuff below, though!

August 2007... I know, I have been slacking. Griffin loved vacation at the beach!

May 2007 - Griffin got a haircut last week:

Feb 2007 - Updates are Overdue!! I swear, I am working on it...

Hopkinton Fair 2006 - click the picture below for more pics!

Military Vehicle Show 2006 - click the picture below for more pics!

Memorial Day Weekend 2006 - click the picture below for lots of pictures from all three days!

18 months old, he is getting so big we have to transport him in the back of a pickup truck now. Just Kidding, of course - he still rides in the car seat. He runs, talks, counts... almost time to get him a job.

Griffin enjoying a visit from Emily and Lucas in early May...

Griff's new house in progress

Griffin is now 17 months old, a little over 33 inches tall, and weighs 32 pounds. He just attended his first New England Revolution game - click the picture below to see more pictures from his first trip to Gillette Stadium!

Griffin attempting to steal Piper, despite the watchful eyes of Mama and Uncle Len...

Griffin wishes everyone a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Griffin went to his first UNH Hockey game along with his big cousin AJ, a 4-2 win over Boston College. He also enjoys saying the word "hockey" now.

Almost 16 months, 33 inches tall and a lean 28 pounds - CONSTANTLY plays ball (and talks about playing ball.)

Griffin has been enjoying the mild winter... 15 months old.

Here's Griffin on New Year's Day, socializing with the handsome boy behind the glass ;)

Griffin (and many other kids) enjoying songs and Santa at the Shaheen/McKinnon Christmas party... Griffin did not find it even SLIGHTLY amusing, fun or otherwise acceptable when his Mom tried to put him on Santa's lap, however.

Check out Griffin's video clips on

1 year old! Griffin thoroughly enjoyed his birthday party

11 months old! Click the picture of Brayden and Griffin below to see more pics from the get together at Rob and Kirstie's house

10 months old, he is mobile now... scoots everywhere on his belly, and cruises around walking with assistance from furniture or hands; can stand by himself briefly.

Almost 9 months old, and loves his new found ability to eat all kinds of food.

8 months old. 25 lbs, 30 inches tall. Front teeth are in, top and bottom. He walks very fast when someone holds his hands, but he can't balance by himself yet. Loves Cheerios, and he is finally saying "Mama!"

7 months old, and summer is finally here... I dare you to take this kid's beer. (WARNING: He has two razor sharp teeth now)

6.5 Months, Griffin went to the CLASS cookout this weekend... click on the picture below for more pictures from his busy Saturday!

6 months... 20lbs, 27.5 inches tall, and he tries to eat everything. Doc says he will have his first teeth in the next two weeks or so - scary concept. He sits up by himself now, and he waves. He also says "Hi Da Da," (which his father seems to like).

Almost 5 1/2 months... but wearing 12months-sized clothing; actually says "Hi" sometimes, and his favorite hobby is standing up while holding onto something for support.

5 Months old, and he is eating solid food like it is in limited supply.

Holy Growth spurt, Batman! It's Easter-time, and he's 4 months old, ~17 lbs, and over 26 inches tall... Doctor says: "He's an average 6 month old."

1 week shy of 4 months old...

Griffin, 3 1/2 months old, hanging with Mom.

Happy Valentine's Day from Griffin (3 months old)

Griffin watching the AFC Championship and Superbowl with Dad... Congratulations to the Patriots (again!)

Griffin @ 6 weeks old (click picture for more from this age)

Griffin's first few weeks (click picture for more from this age)

Grif's first few days (click picture for more from this age)

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